TD28 Matterhorn glacier ride Zermatt (CH)

LEITNER ropeways

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After two and a half years of construction, the highly technically demanding tricable gondola lift to the Klein Matterhorn was opened on 29 September. Those responsible for the project will remember it as a particularly challenging time, which put man and material to an extraordinary test.

The "Matterhorn glacier ride" is a tricable gondola lift that is ideally equipped for all weather conditions. 3S technology offers highest wind resistance and has the structural foundation for the completion of a project in this area due to the extra long spans compared to other ropeway types. The high standards are also reflected in the design of this exceptional project. The year-round used installation features 25 cabins, each with 28 seats, which are built in the premium version with extra-wide access area, all-round glazing, large panoramic windows and leather and Alcantara materials.

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